Starter culture Shawlands cheese pop up

Starter Culture Pop Up Cheese Shop, Shawlands

Cheese pop up for Christmas in Shawlands

Cheese lovers of Glasgow Southside rejoice! There’s no need to be sad about Wholefoods no longer being here for a Christmas cheese fix and no need to head to the west end either as Shawlands now has its own pop-up cheese shop in time for Christmas.

Starter Culture can be found at 1052 Pollokshaws Rd (formerly John Stewart Jewellers) between the Co-op and Salt & Vinegar. It’s open now until 24th December for all your cheesy needs. We popped along today to get our cheese fix. Being a pop-up that just opened it did look a bit dark so we weren’t sure if it actually was open so give a door a push, don’t walk on past like we almost did!

Cheese Menu

Starter culture Shawlands cheese pop up

It’s a small selection of cheese, but what’s there looks delicious. The oozing Gorgonzola caught our eye. Order it by the scoop!

Starter culture Shawlands cheese pop up

And so a couple of scoops of Gorgonzola were ordered, along with Westray Wife, Vacherin and Muckle Coo vegan mozzarella were ordered.

Starter culture Shawlands cheese pop up

👍 Thumbs up from us for the cheese, and the service. and what about the vegan mozzarella? We tasted some of the basil-infused variety (they also have chilli-infused) and it was surprisingly good! We probably wouldn’t have guessed that it wasn’t real cheese if we didn’t already know!

Starter culture Shawlands cheese pop up

If you don’t have cash they take cards too.


Starter Culture, 1052 Pollokshaws Road, Shawlands, Glasgow

Used to be John Stewart Jewellers.


Open until 24th December 2018

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