Launch of Stack and Still – pancakes galore!

Stack and still pancakes

Pancakes are here at Stack and Still

Eventually what we have been waiting for, especially those of us who have missed The Pancake Place.  Stack and Still is now open for pancakes!

Stack and still glasgow pancakes

We were invited along to their trial run night to see what it was all about. Elasticated trousers on, off we went!

Inside the decor is not dissimilar to Byron which was here before. Funky 70’s style with a touch of neon to brighten things up.

Stack and still glasgow pancakes


Stack and still Glasgow pancakes menu

Click here for drinks menu and kids menu.


Tonight we were restricted to the signature pancakes, no complaints from us, they all sounded good. But what to pick? We decided on savoury, myself picking the spicy chicken stack and Mr C the steak stack.

Whilst we waited for the pancakes , our drinks arrived.  A salted caramel espresso martini for Mr C and a banana treacle and maple for myself.

Stack and still glasgow pancakes

The foam on the espresso martini was impressive. A creamy and sweet drink.  My banana rum concoction went down far too easily, and helped my cold with the five a day portion of banana😉

Our pancakes arrived and we were excited.  They certainly looked good, but how would they taste?

Stack and still glasgow pancakes

Stack and still pancakes

Mr C’s Steak stack with three pancakes were fluffy with the beef being moist and tender. Well accompanied by the cheese, onions and especially the beer gravy. Just enough gravy for his liking – some left for the end to mop up with the remains of his pancake. Really filling, and he said he would really recommend it.

Stack and still steak stack
The spicy chicken stack smelled the part. Three pancakes topped with shredded chicken, avocado, onions, peppers, sour cream and hot sauce. Mexican in inspiration. All the pieces worked well together to create a filling and tasty dish. I’d have liked a little bit more hot sauce and sour cream, or was that my cold?

Stack and still pancakes

Mr C has set himself the challenge to do a savoury 5 stack, and a sweet 5 stack. Looking forward to see him do that!

It was time to try out the self dispensing bar and laugh, sorry, watch Mr C show off his bartending skills.

Take your Stack and Still card

Stack and still steak stack

Wander up to the bar.

Stack and still cocktails beer self dispensing bar

Pick your drink from the array. There are beers, ciders, a cocktail and fizz on tap.

Stack and still cocktails beer self dispensing bar

Grab a suitable glass.

Tap the Stack and Still card against the font you wish to use.


Stack and still cocktails beer self dispensing bar

Walk back to your table chuffed at your pouring skills.

Stack and still cocktails beer self dispensing bar There are bottled and canned drinks available as well as wine and pour your own soft drinks.

Stack and still cocktails beer self dispensing bar

Super sparkly toilets.

Stack and still cocktails beer self dispensing bar

These are a good couple of deals.  Something tells me Mr Foodie will be along soon.



A tasty sounding mix of both sweet and savoury pancakes as well as the opportunity to make your own. Gluten free, buttermilk, vegan, sugar free and  buckwheat pancakes on offer. Quick and friendly service, with a wide variety of drinks on offer.Toilets are sparkly clean as well.



+ All those topping choices

+ fun pouring your own beer/cocktail

+ kids eat free (8am – 6pm) check Stack and Still site for more details

-just a little more sauce needed to soak into those fluffy pancakes.

– is it possible to have a savoury and dessert?


Winner of BEST NEWCOMERwinner foodie explorers awards


Stack and still pancakes


fred purr of honour

Thank you to Stack and Still for keeping us fed and watered.  Fred sez diz truthful even tho he didn’t get any steak he believes his mum is saying true stuffs.







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