Product Review: Seduction – Chastity Alcohol Free Gin

Chastity alcohol-free gin with seduction

With the Club Soda mindful drinking festival on in Glasgow this weekend, we thought we would try an alcohol-free gin. Would it be as flavoursome as real gin? Only one way to find out, crack open the bottle!

There are two types of Chastity alcohol-free gin: Temptation and Seduction. We were trying out the Seduction…with chastity belt!

Chastity alcohol free gin Seduction review foodie explorers
This would be brilliant as a present for a girls’ night out, there’s a definite hen night joke there with not only the name but the chastity belt as well.

So to the gin! A colour like Hubba Bubba and a sweet rose smell, almost like rose Turkish Delight, which is no bad thing as I ❤️ them.


Chastity alcohol free gin Seduction review foodie explorers

Tasting it straight it is sweet and does taste like gin.  Mr Foodie grabbed a glass thinking I was having a full-blown boozy gin. He didn’t notice the difference (well he thought I’d added tonic). A London dry style gin, which means the taste is led by the juniper berry. It a dry gin and is both flowery and aromatic.

Chastity alcohol free gin Seduction review foodie explorers

The other ingredients include coriander, liquorice and angelica as well as the heady notes of rose petals and hibiscus.

I failed completely as a gin aficionado and only had soda water in the house, however, mixing the Chastity alcohol-free gin with soda was refreshing.

Chastity alcohol free gin Seduction review foodie explorers

More like a fancy cocktail than a straight boring G&T. This would be perfect mixed with some soda for a night with the girls, movie night, pre-club drinks or any occasion where something a bit different is needed.


I don’t quite think that Chastity Seduction seduced me into thinking it was alcohol-free. Just not enough of that Juniper kick for me.  However, it was a refreshing drink either on its own or mixed with soda. If you aren’t drinking, don’t drink or being the designated driver for the night and want to drink something that a bit better than a gazillion glasses of water or soft drink then I could see that this would be a good addition to the repertoire of drinks.

Find out where to buy Chastity Gin on their website here.

Chastity alcohol free gin Seduction review foodie explorers

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