Love Bourbon? Then play Bourbon Bingo!

Bourbon Bingo Van Winkle glasgow

If you love Bourbon, this is the game for you

Bourbon Bingo has arrived at Van Winkle, just across the road from Glasgow Barrowlands. Van Winkle is a fairly new bar which also serves American BBQ-style grub.  We joined Adam (Chief Bourboner) to find out what exactly the game was and how to play.

Van Winkle is filled with bourbon and other American whiskeys (e.g. Tennessee and Rye).  I’ve never seen so much bourbon in one place, at the time of our visit they had just under 100 bourbons in stock but they are working towards the magic 100 figure!  So if you’re an enthusiast you will find a few unusual bottles here.

Bourbon Bingo Van Winkle glasgow

You can, of course, still have a beer but we’re here for the bourbon!

The purpose of Bourbon Bingo is to try out the various styles of bourbon.  Work your way (responsibly please!) through their selection and along the way find the one, or two for you.

Bourbon Bingo

Bourbon Bingo Van Winkle glasgow

The rules are on the wall for you to follow.

Pick up your card and order a bourbon.

The bartender will then stamp your card as proof that you have tried that one.

Bourbon Bingo Van Winkle glasgow

Once you complete all of the bourbon bingo tasting sheets (there are five in all) you will receive a  free Van Winkle Bourbon Bingo T-shirt!

Van Winkle bourbon bingo glasgow

Looking for more inspiration for a drink then the large menu can be found here.

Van Winkle bourbon bingo glasgow

Food Menu

Van Winkle does a bourbon-friendly selection of food.  We had a few wee plates to try, including macaroni cheese and loaded fries, all very tasty but special mention for the buttermilk chicken, which was crispy outside and moist and tender inside. Nomtastic.

Van Winkle bourbon bingo glasgow

Van Winkle Bourbon bingo food menu glasgow


Van Winkle bourbon bingo glasgow

I quite agree! (Please drink responsibly)
Van Winkle bourbon bingo glasgow

And they have a beer garden out back with twinkly lights. Aww, romance! ❤️


Van Winkle BBQ Pit

267 Gallowgate, Glasgow


Van Winkle is also dog-friendly.

dog friendly pup puppy pupper doggy doggie foodie explorers

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