Slim Chickens, London


On a visit to London, the Colonel decided to have dinner at the Shake Shack Located at Cambridge Circus in London. What he hadn’t realised was that they had moved out some time ago, and the location was now occupied by a branch of a chain known as Slim Chickens. 

Taking a look at the menu, the Colonel decided it was worth giving them a try.

Food-starved as he was, he forgot to photograph the menu, so this one he found on the internet will have to suffice. ( tsk tsk – Ed)

The Colonel went for a meal of five buttermilk-marinated chicken tenders. The meal comes with seasoned fries, a portion of texas toast, and two of the fourteen available dipping sauces. The colonel opted for his favourite Honey BBQ and decided to try the Garlic Cheese sauce.

The chicken was nice and moist but somehow wasn’t particularly tender. Overall though it was good and filling.

The fries were crisp and tasty but the seasoning wasn’t particularly strong. The Colonel is a mild boy so that was ok for him, but if you’re expecting tons of seasoning you might be disappointed. 

The texas toast was a new taste for the Colonel and it was nice, almost like fried bread but not as greasy. One slice was definitely enough; it needed those dipping sauces to prevent it from simply being a slice of dry toast.

The Honey BBQ was your typical BBQ sauce, with a very light kick to it but not overpowering. The Garlic Cheese sauce was very nice but eventually got a bit too garlicky for his liking.

The meal usually comes with a soft drink but the Colonel decided to pay £2 extra and upgraded to a salted caramel milkshake. This was nice but as with a lot of milkshakes the mixing was not as complete as you might want, so only the final few tastes had much of a salted caramel taste to them.

Verdict – your typical fast food outlet, but worth a trip if you like a ton of different sauce options.

Plus points: 

  • good variety of moist tasty chicken
  • so many dipping sauce options
  • a chance to try out texas toast if you’ve never had it before

Minus points:

  • fries could use more seasoning
  • mix your milkshake flavour a bit more

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