Sausage week’s Sausage Geek with Crombies of Edinburgh

Crombies butchers Edinburgh sausage

To celebrate British Sausage Week (3rd – 9th Nov),  Crombies of Edinburgh ( award winning sausage maker) set the challenge of finding Sausage Week’s Sausage Geek.

To do so we were invited to take their taste challenge; this comprises of tasting 5 different sausages and matching them up to a description (one of 25)

The winner will receive a Crombies sausage pack and Sausage Week Sausage Apron!


Crombies butchers Edinburgh sausage
Fred checks out the box of goodies

Crombies of Edinburgh

Crombies butchers Edinburgh sausage

Excited by this box of goodies, and scared – would we be able to tell them apart – it’s just a sausage right?


Crombies butchers Edinburgh sausageOh no, just for more pressure the Crombies range has 25 different types of sausages!








Crombies butchers Edinburgh sausage
with pans and wee tags at the ready (I so hope I didn’t mix em up!)

Crombies butchers Edinburgh sausageOur dedicated assistant Fred, came to help us on the way.  He went straight for number 2, no hesitation!







Crombies butchers Edinburgh sausageit was a hard task.  The three of us happily chomped through the lot.  Each one a different texture, meatiness, flavours – would we pick the right one?



We picked our five and have mailed Crombies, let see how good ( or bad!) our taste buds are.  I’ll be back for some of number 1 and 4 for me 🙂


Many thanks to Crombies Butchers for letting us try their delicious sausages.


Crombies Edinburgh butchers



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