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zero water filter

 Better than Brita? Zero Water Filter Jug review

We were asked to review the Zero Water filter jug, which we readily agreed to as we use a Brita filter at home anyway so wanted to compare them and see if there was a noticeable difference in quality.  Although Glasgow has good soft tap water, we live in a high rise flat which doesn’t have the tastiest of water so would the Zero Water filtered H20 be better than our regular Brita filtered water?

zero water filter

About Zero Water

Zero Water is an American water filter brand from Michigan which isn’t known for its quality of drinking water. The company was started as the owner was fed up buying bottled water and wanted to be able to use the tap water supplied to his home.

Free TDS meter

Included with the jug is a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter.  This gadget tells you the number of impurities in your water and after filtration, the gadget should show a result of 000. When the reading reaches 006, it’s time to change your filter.   Dissolved Solids are a measurement of compounds that are dissolved into the water through contact with rock and other surfaces. These include calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium chloride and sulfides (which are compounds frequently found in groundwater supplies).


How Zero Water is different

Zero Water claims that the filter removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids in tap water which is the equivalent of purified bottled water. These are the 5 stages of filtration in their filter (I believe that Brita only uses 2 stages of filtration).

zero water filter

zero water filter

zero water filter

zero water filter

zero water filter

The  Zero Water Filter review

We were testing out the Zero Water 12 Cup Pitcher which can hold 2.8 litres of water. Being this large it doesn’t fit in our fairly regular UK fridge door which was annoying, however, some jiggling about of the shelving in the fridge meant that we could access the spigot for easy glass filling.

Assembly was easy enough, just follow the instructions.  Fill the jug as you would any other water filter and let the water trickle through.  It did take a bit of time to filter through in comparison with our usual water filter jug.

We decided that we would test three samples.  One straight from the tap, one using a Brita filter and one Zero Water. We used the TSD meter to confirm that water was indeed filtered through effectively and our results are below.

zero water filter
Tap Water Reading = 029


zero water filter
Rating from Brita Water Filter = 022


zero water filter
Zero Water Filter Rating = 000

As claimed, the Zero water reading came out at 000, i.e. pure fresh water with pretty much all impurities removed.

Surprisingly there wasn’t actually that much of a difference between the tap water and the Brita filter and now that we’ve seen it in a new light we were left wondering why we used the Brita in the first place.  Just to make certain that our judgements were true we also invited Fred onto our water tasting panel as he is a fussy b****r so probably has a sixth sense for detecting impurities.

fred zero water filter

We tested Fred with both the Zero Water filter (left) and the Brita filtered water (right).  He sniffed both of them and the paw went into the left glass and the left glass only so Zero Water filter is Fred approved!

As we have only just started to use the Zero Water jug, we are unsure about how long the filter lasts.  We will, of course, update this when we find out.


The size of the jug is a bit clunky however with a little bit of moving about in the fridge the large jug could be accommodated. For the clean taste of the water it’s worth it, especially if you are in an area with poor tasting water or are concerned about nasties in the water supply, or even if you’re pregnant or ill. Now you can drink water as nature intended but at a cheaper monetary and environmental cost than continue use of plastic bottled water.  Thumbs and paws up all round. Widgets


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Disclaimer: we received the jug free but Fred was part of our taste test so can verify it is all correct and propurr.

fred purr of honour


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