Product Review: Kraft Mac and Cheese

Kraft Mac and cheese product review

Kraft Mac and cheese product review

We taste test Kraft Mac and Cheese

American’s seem to always be bigging up their childhood classic Mac and Cheese.  Unfortunately, we forgot to buy a box when on hols in the US, and £2 odd for powdered cheese n pasta is a bit too much.

Mrs Foodie was in Iceland and spied Kraft Mac and Cheese dinner for £1.50.  How would this compare against our favourite McIntosh?

Kraft Mac and cheese product review

Opening the box, there wasn’t that glow in the dark cheese colour I’d expected.  A more mellow yellow.  A bit too pale for me.

Once cooked through we had a nosey.

Kraft Mac and cheese product review


The colour didn’t change to anything appetising, still very pale.  We mixed up the portion, plated if up and got the forks out.

The pasta texture was firm with each piece covered in sauce.  The sauce consistency was just right.  Not watery at all.


No strong cheese smell, in fact, no smell at all.  Nothing to make you go Mmm Mac n cheese.


The big test, how does it taste? Well like Mac and Cheese! No floury sauce that you can get in cafe’s and restaurants but no big punch of cheese.  It’s OK, nothing bad but nothing amazing either.

For £1.50 this would make a good freezer standby for when you don’t feel up to cooking at all or a feeling poorly and need something comforting.



-not cheesy enough

-the colour is a bit pale



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