Product review: Carnivore Club charcuterie subscription service

Carnivore Club - items in our box
Carnivore Club - items in our box
Carnivore Club – items in our box


Subscription services are all the rage in 2016! There’s Cornerstone for male shaving supplies, Beer52 for beer, Flaviar for spirits and Coast & Glen for fish! There are plenty of others too which we haven’t reviewed yet like Lucky Dip club.

Carnivore Club is also a subscription service and as the name subtly implies it’s for meat, or more correctly charcuterie: chorizo, salami, biltong, air-dried ham, the sort of stuff that is safe for transportation without refrigeration.

Unlike Beer 52 and Flaviar who provide a mix of bottles from different companies each delivery, Carnivore Club focus on a single supplier at a time. In our sturdy box we received goodies from The Bath Pig who specialise in chorizo and salami. We hadn’t heard of them before but a leaflet was provided which told us a bit about them and a description of the items themselves, which were 3 different chorizos and 3 different salamis. We had a spicy chorizo, extra-dry and phuet – a Catalonian version, and then for the salamis we had Italian red wine & fennel; west country with sage, parsley, cracked black pepper and Cornish sea salt; and a spicy salami.

Carnivore Club - The Bath Pig - Italian salami
Carnivore Club – The Bath Pig – Italian salami

If you’re thinking that’s a lot of meat and you’re not sure how much you could go through in a month, well, there are a choice of plans if say, you’d only want a box every quarter. You can also send a box or boxes as a gift or just sign up for a single box to try it.

A one-month trial or gift box is priced at £32, subsequent gift boxes are also £32 each. Should you sign up for a subscription the monthly cost is £29 a box. I mentioned this to a few people who thought that this was expensive but a good quality chorizo can be around £6 or £8, i.e. not the cheaper ones from the local supermarket so thinking like that you’re getting closer to £40s worth of meat for £29. The code “glasgow10” can also be used at the checkout which gives you 10% off.

Click here to order – remember to use Glasgow10

If you love charcuterie, or perhaps you’re looking for high-protein Atkins friendly meaty snacks then Carnivore Club is ideal.

The suppliers we’re aware of are all reputable, well-regarded and some are also award-winning. Product sizes and amounts can vary by pack. Find out more on their website.

Carnivore Club - The Bath Pig - extra dry chorizo
Carnivore Club – The Bath Pig – extra dry chorizo

The good folks at Carnivore Club send us a box of meat to review but Fred vouches that all that is written is true.

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