Noble House Prepared Chateaubriand

Noble house prepared roast beef fillet Sunday roast

Ready-to-go Sunday Roast lunch or dinner

The Noble House Prepared kitchen is led by executive chef Owen Sullivan, who previously worked as executive chef for Gordon Ramsay at his Maze, the Maze Grills and the Savoy Grill restaurants.

The Noble House Prepared team have a wide selection available including children’s meals, main courses, all-in-one meals, cheese boards and charcuterie. The range covers everything from dishes to impress when entertaining to meals for when you’re feeling too stressed or too busy to cook, or if you’d rather just spend time relaxing instead of cooking!

Their roast dinner selection is one which we were interested in. Choices includes pork belly, roast wild mushroom pie, poussin and a couple of different pithiviers and pies as well as fillet of beef – which is what we picked.

Fillet of Beef

For a fantastic Fillet of Beef dinner in a box (£46.95), all the favourite elements of a roast are included. Grass-fed prime British beef Chateaubriand is also perfect to be shared between two people.

The fillet is accompanied by a rich red wine jus and comes with sides including Maple Syrup Parsnips and Carrots, Golden Roast Potatoes, Broccoli and French Green Beans, and even a jar of horseradish sweetened with honey.

As you can see the Chateaubriand was interesting to both our cats, Fred and Cleo.

Noble house prepared Fred and Cleo sniff
Fred decided that the maple syrup roast parsnips and carrots were for him, whilst Cleo was keeping guard of the fillet of beef.
Noble house prepared Fred and Cleo sniff

Each item comes with full cooking instructions. All of them are designed for oven cooking with the exception of broccoli and beans, and the red wine jus, which are best microwaved. A jar of room temperature Yare Valley horseradish sauce also comes packaged with the beef and can be refrigerated and kept for future meals.

Noble house prepared beef fillet Chateaubriand

Noble house prepared vegetables

Noble house prepared vegetables

Noble house prepared roast potatoes

Noble house prepared Red wine jus

The hardest part was waiting for the roast potatoes to be ready, that’s always our problem. Fluffy roasties with a crisp exterior which are perfect for a drizzle of the red wine jus.

Noble house prepared roast beef fillet Sunday roast
The veggies were so good that Fred even gave up gazing at the beef!

We paired the meal with Ridolfi Fiero 2017 from Independent Wine.

Noble house prepared roast beef fillet Sunday roast


If you are not keen on venturing out to restaurants again or looking for a stress-free Sunday roast and have better things to do with your time than prepare food then Noble House Prepared is a mighty fine solution. The dishes are already prepared and arrive mostly frozen so you can store them and cook them whenever you want.

The beef was excellent, in fact everything was, making this a highly enjoyable Sunday lunch-cum-dinner. Both of our cats approved of the food, which is always a good sign!

The only downside was the lack of Yorkshire pudding but you can always make your own Yorkies or add them to your order.


Order the fillet of beef roast dinner from Noble House Prepared here.


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Fred purr of honour

Disclaimer: we received a complimentary box of roast dinner goodies but Fred has implored us to order some more as it is well worth buying!

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