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Kweilin Cantonese Restaurant, 19-21 Dundas Street, Edinburgh

A long day at the Foodies Festival meant that we needed somewhere to rest our weary legs and get some food and drink.

We wandered into Kweilin on impulse and we are glad we did.

Friendly service, fresh tasting dishes not overpowered with too much sauce/spice as can usually be found.  Specialising in seafood (Menu can be found HERE)

To begin we had a shared starter consisting of 2 prawn toasts, 2 ribs, 2 veggie spring rolls, 2 seafood spring rolls, seaweed and a sweet chilli dip (sorry no photo as it was scoffed pretty quickly!). We all gave it the thumbs up. Yum!

Mixed Seafood Nest, prawn, scallop, squid and monkfish stir fried with vegetables in a garlic sauce £16.50

Novel birds nest made of potatoes which soaked up the garlic juices well.  Plump prawns get a special mention for being ultra tasty.



Ma-Po Tofu – Grandma’s popular mixture of minced pork and bean curd cooked with a hot Szechuan sauce) £10.50.

Spicy sauce surrounding creamy tofu, not a big tofu fan myself but I braved it to steal an extra taste 😉


Mixed seafood and bean curd cooked in clay pot £15.00 – again  moist and tender seafood and crisp vegetables.   Delicious sauce for soaking into rice.

Steamed sea bass in a clay pot with ginger and spring onion in soy sauce £17.50.  Another one where I pinched a second taste.  Light sauce with fragrant ginger and spring onions.  Moist and plump sea bass.  Delicious.

Vanilla and toffee pecan honey pot ice cream £3.80. Honey and creamy ice cream with lovely sweet pecans.

Of course it would be rude not to have a banana fritter, £4.50.  Very light and crispy batter nothing like the stodgey ones that are around.

Overall, great service, friendly staff (who say ‘thank you’ perhaps a bit too often!) and delicious food.

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