Fiddlers Elbow, Picardy Place, Edinburgh – April 2012


Bit of a strange place this, does it want to serve food, be a pre club hangout, be a hotel.  It thinks it is all three but just doesn’t do any of them any good i think.

One bar man on for a friday evening :(.



£3.50 for the soup of the day, chicken and rice.  Lots and lots of rice and tasty chicken stock.  Great portion to remember if thru in Edinburgh for shopping.


£6.25 for this, shocking.  Nice meats but wasn’t impressed at all.



£8.95 for haddock and chips.  Nice haddock shame about the chips and peas πŸ™

Other half had haggis, neeps and tatties but ive lost the pic πŸ™  Said it was tasty but portion couldve been better.

Soup recommended but slow service and food not up to how they brag about it on adverts on the walls.


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