Food Review: Moose Coffee, 6 Dale St, Liverpool L2 4TQ

Outside Moose Coffee, Liverpool

Easily identifiable at No.6 Dale St is Moose Coffee. We’d spied a branch of theirs before in Manchester but didn’t have time to visit but this time in Liverpool we did!  There’s some seating outside this one, located in the historic Queen Insurance Buildings on the main road – which was handy for us as we were staying just a little further along Dale Street. From outside, the building is attractive and this carries on inside too, with some added quirkiness…

Moose_coffee_liverpool_Moose glasgow foodie explorers food blog
Space Moose, Moose Coffee, Liverpool

…such as antlered chandeliers and a painting of a…space moose, or should that be cosmoosenaut?

Inside Moose Coffee, Liverpool

It was cosy and busy inside and I just about got a table. The Menu for Moose Coffee, Liverpool can be found here.

Moose_Coffee_Cappuccino glasgow foodie explorers food blog
frothy cappuccino from Moose Coffee, Liverpool

It was £2.40 for a decent-sized cappuccino with a good foamy head.

Mighty Moose Breakfast at Moose Coffee, Liverpool

If you’re wanting to start the day with a full belly, then the Mighty Moose Breakfast should just about do it! Two slabs of nicely toasted brown bread, good quality bacon which wasn’t too salty, the fat was edible and the accompanying eggs were perfect with bright runny yolks. This was all served on a bed of soft semi-mashed potatoes mixed with onion and mustard. The only downside was that the bacon and egg disappeared pretty quickly leaving all potato underneath (and a huge mound of it) which without the yolk was a bit dry. If the potato portion was reduced or mixed in a few more onions or mustard to moisten it up then this would be a winner.

The service was really fast (especially considering how busy it was), with food arriving less than 5 minutes after ordering, and it was a bigger portion than I was expecting. So thumbs up from Mr Foodie here! Staff were also polite & friendly and there were plenty of them if I needed anything. The music was pretty chilled and there was a single toilet downstairs which was clean and additional seating on a mezzanine floor.

+ fast service
+ polite friendly staff
+ big portion
+ well-cooked North American food
+ pleasant atmosphere with chilled music

– too many (dry) potatoes on Mighty Moose

fred purr of honour

I received a complimentary breakfast for the purposes of review but consider this a fair and accurate reflection of my visit (Mr Foodie).

Mr Foodie

Mr Foodie

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