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Data kitchen berlin

The future is now at Data Kitchen

Breakfast is always our favourite time of day in Berlin, especially in summer where you can sit in the sunshine and relax over delicious goodies. But here is somewhere just a little different…Data Kitchen in Mitte.  Order your breakfast, lunch or dinner in advance using their app – but that’s not all…

Data Kitchen Berlin foodie explorers Data Kitchen Berlin foodie explorers Data Kitchen Berlin foodie explorers

It’s a little hard to find but that’s part of the charm, it was so calm and quiet compared to the bustle of the main street outside that we felt like we’d discovered something hidden from most tourists and most Berliners themselves! Look out for the Data Space sign and follow the alleyway into the larger courtyard.  Data Kitchen is part of the SAP Data Space collaborative working space.

Data Kitchen Berlin foodie explorers

Inside you’ll find this geometric Scandi-style courtyard. The main door is simply straight ahead.

Data Kitchen Berlin foodie explorers

You can also choose to sit outside here for some sun/air on the modern, spatial terrace or head inside for comfy laid-back coziness.

Data Kitchen Berlin foodie explorers

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Decor and concept

Data Kitchen Berlin foodie explorers

Inside it’s modern and geometric with a semi-industrial feel but still has comfy couches.  There’s lots of space for working or chilling out, in addition to eating. The concept as we discovered is a collaboration between Heinz ‘cookie’ Gindullis, of Michelin-starred Cookies Cream and German software giant SAP.


The best option is to download the app and make your choices before you arrive, but if not you can use a tablet to make your order once you get there. There is free WiFi of course.

Once ordered and paid using a credit card or PayPal, wait for your food to be prepared and then the app will let you know when it’s ready. Your name will display on one of the twenty windows, or multiple windows depending on how much you’ve ordered, which only you can open via the app. Once the windows, which look a bit like microwaves, have opened, take your food to your table and munch away. Open sesame!

The food

Glasgow food and travel blog data kitchen Berlin

Eggs in a glass (€8)

Two soft-boiled eggs, a layer of creamed spinach on the bottom and a light, airy potato foam with crispy bacon placed into a glass, delicately adorned with a garden salad. It was all very pretty but importantly tasty!

Glasgow food and travel blog data kitchen Berlin

Open sandwich max (€8)

Despite all our prior visits to Berlin, we didn’t know until we visited Data Kitchen that there’s a famous Berliner sandwich called Strammer Max.

This was a thick-cut slice of toasted rye bread topped with smoked Schwarzwald ham, fried egg, Spreewald gherkins, onion chutney, and dried chive blossoms. It was a delicious sandwich!

For drink orders, get these from the bar where you will encounter a human! Tea, coffee, juices, wine, beer and spirits are all available.



Looking for something a bit different? Data Kitchen is certainly out there! Is it a gimmick or a new, better way of preparing and delivering food? Well, we certainly had fun but will it catch on? Our crystal ball needs a software update so we’ll have to wait and see but let us be clear, the food is not at all gimmicky, it’s fresh, well-prepared and extremely tasty. We were also granted a sneak peak into the kitchen where we saw real humans lovingly prepare the dishes! Anyone with a dislike of technology may not be so keen to order their breakfast or lunch from their phone though.

Data Kitchen - chef Alexander Brosin

+ Novel concept
+ Fast food with no queues as you can order and pay in advance
+ Freshly prepared, filling food
+ ‘Hidden’ location in central Berlin
+ Outdoor seating available
+ Breakfast served 9am – 5pm!

– Technophobes may want to give it a miss


Data Kitchen, Rosenthaler Str. 38, 10178 Berlin, Germany


Telephone: +49 30 68073040

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 09:00 to 17:00. Breakfast served all day!

Public transport:

U-bahn: Weinmeisterstrasse – U8
S-Bahn: Hackescher Markt – S3, S5, S7, S9, S75
Tram: U Weinmeisterstr./Gipsstr. – M1
Bus: U Weinmeisterstr./Gipsstr. – N2, N40, N42, N65


Disclaimer: we were kindly invited to have a behind the scenes look at the workings of Data Kitchen and received complimentary food but as always, Fred vouches for our honesty. The only bribes we do are cat treats in exchange for cat cuddles.

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