88 degrees, 17 High Street, Kirriemuir

£13 odd for two platters (one two slices of pate with two slices of toasted bread and three oatcakes, one greek platter – lemon hummous, olives, stuffed vine leave and some toasted pitta), one muffin and two cups of tea.

Yummy mummyville here, nice food but I thought £4 odd for the pate was a bit steep.  Toilet was a communal one at the  back, just dont try to be disabled as you have to fight your way into it.  Had to remind them to provide the muffin 🙁

Apart from that lovely fresh food, excellent stocked deli.




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  1. johanna woodhead
    johanna woodhead

    Hi, just read your comment on my coffee shop 88 degrees – very nice pictures. Just one thing, our toilet is actually ambient disabled and many people in wheelchairs have actually used it.


  2. admin

    Just to clarify the fight your way into it comment on the toilet for readers, the toilet is at the back of the shop past the serving/paying area.

    Glad it is “ambient disabled” as approx only 4% of “disabled” people are wheelchair users, the rest of us disabled don’t have such visible labels and might need help finding/getting into it. I must admit I was confused with the old business sign on the door, lovely but sometimes you just need TOILET screaming at you to find your way 😉

    Oh and the lemon hummus is gorgeous so do visit!

  3. Sue Smith

    Interesting…I visit 88 degrees at leats once a week. Their food is consistently good, both quality and quantity. The pate (my favourite) is always served in a two slice portion – frankly more than I can eat. And, having lived in London for over 20 years, the £4 ‘odd price tag is a bargain.
    I’m not disabled but my mother in law (another frequent visitor) is. The loo is huge – compared to most, so not sure what you found so troublesome. 88 degrees is a small establishment, the loo is obviously a loo! My recommendation is strong: possibly the best food and coffee in Angus, if not Scotland. Visit – you will not be disappointed!

  4. Christina

    I visit my husband’s family in Kirriemuir about once a year from Australia and always try and squeeze as many coffees, cakes and lunches as I can at 88 degrees. Having lived in London and a number of large cities in Oz I would agree that this is some of the tastiest food I have come across in a cafe in Angus. I real thrill for a foodie like me when visiting such a small town in rural Scotland. make sure you visit.

  5. Heather McCulloch
    Heather McCulloch

    I’ve lived in Kirrie for some time now and have used 88 degrees now and again. Until today I was very happy with the food and the service. Unfortunately, today I experienced an unpleasant 5 minutes in 88 degrees before I left. I had gone in there hoping for something hot to eat as I had been standing about in the cold in the square for over 2 hours. I’m veggie and eat very little dairy, so discovered there wasn’t anything suitable for me. I’m well used to this situation generally, so I said to both the staff and to the 3 people with me that I’d have to find somewhere else to eat. Black looks from staff ensued and my friends and I left. None of us could understand the reaction we got from staff. I make no apologies for being veggie and also being careful about the amount of dairy that I eat. But I don’t expect to be treated in the way I was today when I stated that there wasn’t anything suitable for me to eat. I had to return later as I had left my backpack sitting on a chair. I was handed my bag without a word or smile and with another black look. Whatever happened to the friendly service I’d experienced before!?

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