Food review: Julie’s Kopitiam, Shawlands, Glasgow

Julie’s Kopitiam – finally!

Eventually, we (or Mrs Foodie did at least!) make it to Julie’s Kopitiam.  I’ve been wanting to go for ages but with work, life, and it being one of THE places to be in Shawlands, has meant that this visit took longer than wanted. It is always very busy and they don’t do reservations. If you do turn up when it’s busy Julie or her staff will take your details and give you a time to come back and you can head to one of the nearby cafes or pubs to wait.

I met up with What Claire Did for some food and gossip.

Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow

If you went to the original Cafe Strange Brew you’ll know that it’s a compact setting.  Inside Julie has stripped the walls bare with some pieces of decoration, Oriental Style lampshades, Formica style tables for an all round chill place to sit in.Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow

Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow


What to have?  I was struggling.  So many things that I’d like.  I  sweetcorn fritters, maybe next time… this time was for mooli! Menu Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow


Lots of tasty drinks on the menu, however, it was a sunny evening and the slushie machine was churning away in the corner singing “order me!”  With a lemongrass and lychee flavour, this hit the spot.
Menu Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow


Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow

Refreshing and moreish, I could probably have drunk a few of these! Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow


First dish out was Nasi Lemak which seemingly is a common Malaysian breakfast.  Rice, cucumber, peanuts, pickle, sambal (a hot sauce generally made with shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic and chilli 😍 ) plus a boiled egg.  Simple ingredients with lots of flavour.  The sambal was 👌 not too spicy but it packed a flavoursome punch. Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow

Next plate to arrive, fried mooli with XO sauce.  The fried mooli was just like eating fried halloumi, but without the squeak!  Spongy and perfect for the XO sauce. XO sauce is another chilli/fish sauce concoction.  I’ve had it paired with turnip, a good sauce to give plainer veggies a bit of oomph.  You can get XO sauce ready-made in Seewoo and other supermarkets.  It’s a bit like Asian Sriracha sauce – a good kick to add to food.  I’ll be ordering this again for sure.

Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow

Two mains arrived, sambal fried hake and prawn Nasi goreng. Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow

Green beans, garlic and more of that excellent sambal.  I’m a big fan of spiced fish.  The meat of fish seems to be made to soak up the spices of curried flavours.  The sambal soaked itself into the hake – get some rice to soak up the sambal sauce too if you order one.

Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow

Now to the Nasi Goreng.  A staple dish, so much so that Lidl even have it as a ready meal!  Forget what you’ve tried before.  This is crispy bits of fried rice, prawns (or sausage or veggie if you want) with lots of seasoning and flavour.   You know that way that a curry reheated the following day is better? This is how I felt – not re-heated rice but that depth of taste that makes you want more.
Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow
Of course, I had to have some pudding and on the menu was sticky coconut rice pudding…I’m a huge rice pudding fan so went straight for that.
 Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow
Cardamom-flavoured coconut rice with mango sauce, peaches and pistachio nuts… 😍  my only gripe was a little too much mango sauce for me, it overpowered the cardamom (which I heart) however What Claire Did was ready for handbags at the door when I mentioned this!

Julie’s Kopitiam glasgow

👍 from Mrs Foodie. A very enjoyable evening. Toilet not checked on this visit.


+ lots of flavour
+ Dishes which you might not find anywhere else in the southside
+ chilled vibe
+ Asian slushy!
+ friendly staff
+ Handy for public transport

– too much mango sauce for me
– you will probably need to wait for a table


Julie’s Kopitiam, 1109 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G41 3YG – handy for buses 3, 38, 57 etc. Crossmyloof is the nearest train station, about 5 mins walk away.


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