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Cosmo Silverburn Choc Fountain

Family-friendly dining at Silverburn

With the Easter holidays here, Big J and her family visited Cosmo Restaurant for us and reported back on what Cosmo at Silverburn is like for a dinner with kids…

We all had a fantastic time.  From the moment we arrived, we were made to feel very welcome, being shown to our table promptly.   In what seemed like no time at all, our waitress came and introduced herself and then explained how Cosmo worked.  She told us about the location of all the different sections and then took our drinks order.

It was time for food, but where to start? There are over 150 dishes on offer at Cosmo.  Everything from Italian to Sushi to Indian. We were sure to find something even the picky younger girls would enjoy!

Cosmo Silverburn Food

An area called the “Tasting Station” has foods such as chilli con carne, burgers, southern fried chicken, potato wedges and sweet potato chips…these were popular!

Cosmo Silverburn Chips

Another popular station with ourselves and others dining was “Taste of Asia”. Noodle dishes, prawn toast and very tasty beef in black bean sauce. The food was always hot and replaced at regular intervals which made it very fresh.

Cosmo Silverburn Food 2 The girls also liked the dim sum.  It was good that they could try something they would not normally be able to order without me worrying about the cost…so they could give it a go and not break my purse!

Cosmo Silverburn Dim Sum

The younger children enjoyed being able to go up and help themselves to whatever they liked and as the food was at a good height, it was easily reached by them. This took some of the strain off me having to watch them all the time and give them the feeling of being a bit more grown up for the night.

The variety of food was exceptional, as we all have varied tastes it suited us all perfectly.

Cosmo Silverburn Salad

It doesn’t have to be all carbs, there is a salad station as well as a deli area with cold meats, seafood and much more.

Cosmo Silverburn Meat

The kids loved the dessert section (obviously) with the chocolate fountain being a clear winner.

Cosmo Silverburn Choc Fountain

Cosmo Silverburn Choc

The selection of desserts was brilliant and just the right portion size!  And the fact they could refill drinks at no extra charge was an added bonus.

Cosmo Silverburn Desserts


It was a lovely meal, service was great, the staff were very helpful and there’s car parking and a bus station at Silverburn. The only slight issue was how busy it got while we were there so you may need to queue but we all agreed after our visit that we would be back very soon.


+ Great price for what you get
+ Mixed selection of dishes available
+ Child-friendly
+ Chocolate fountain!
+ Car parking and bus transport nearby

– Can get very busy so expect to queue at weekends


COSMO Restaurant, Silverburn Shopping Centre, Silverburn, Barrhead Rd, Glasgow G53 6QR


0141 880 6880

Booking online:

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Cosmo Restaurants for inviting us.  Fred sez this is true, they enjoyed themselves and it’s an honest review.  If not he will be handing out some scratches.

fred purr of honour

Big J
Big J

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