Event: There’s still time to have a Big Dinner!

500 Miles - Big Dinner - our big(ish) dinner!

In March we took part in the Big Dinner to raise money for 500 Miles, a Scottish charity founded in 2008 which provides prosthetics and orthotics to those with impaired mobility in the African nations of Malawi, Zambia and Zanzibar, this includes people who were born with deformities or have lost their limbs from accident, disease or poverty.  I help out with a charitable project in Malawi and was fortunate enough to visit the country last year and actually got to visit the 500 Miles centre at Kamuzu Central Hospital in the capital city Lilongwe so this is a charity I’m keen to assist.

The idea for the Big Dinner was simple, invite some friends over, have a meal and watch the live broadcasts online. Hosted by Fred MacAuley the programs also featured names such as Colin McCredie, Humza Yousaf, Libby McArthur and Elaine C Smith. I even made a brief appearance (but blink and you’ll miss it!).

As of today, 27th April, 638 dinners have taken place raising £410,000 – the goal is to reach £500,000 and money is still coming in with a number of hosts yet to hold their dinners, so if 500 Miles is a project you’d like to help then there’s still time to hold a big dinner but it doesn’t need to be anything fancy; you don’t even need to cook – as you can see from our picture we just ordered a Chinese takeaway and sat and munched it with a couple of friends! A minimum donation of £25 is required per dinner or you can simply donate to the cause – text MILE44 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 to 500 Miles and your donation could help make someone walk!

To register, or for more information visit: www.bigdinner.co.uk

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