The BIG dinner 7th March 2015

The big dinner Malawi fundraiser

The BIG dinner is a 500 miles initiative to raise £500,000 in a single night to help people with mobility difficulties in Malawi and Zambia to live independent lives. 500 miles provides artificial limbs and braces for people with disabilities of the limbs and spine.

The big dinner Malawi fundraiser


The big dinner Malawi fundraiser

By hosting a BIG dinner and watching the online shows, you will help to raise money.

The big dinner Malawi fundraiser

On the night (Saturday 7th March) there will be two online broadcasts hosted by Fred MacAulay. These will be a mix of dinner parties, case studies of patients in Africa and short films about the inspirational work of 500 miles (Mr Foodie took part in a film this week about the Lord Provost Malawi Fund, of which he is a volunteer).

The first broadcast will go out at 7.30pm, and the second will show at 10.30pm.

These will include a performance of the Proclaimer’s “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” with new lyrics written specially for the BIG dinner.

The climax of the night will be the online auction of a celebrity dinner date as well as an update on how many dinners are taking place and how much money is being raised – all whilst you host your own dinner!

Take the first step – start the big dinner journey.

The big dinner Malawi fundraiser

Just Trading Scotland, a fair trade company, are helping support 500 miles and The BIG dinner by selling packs containing rice from Malawian farm smallholders.

The big dinner Malawi fundraiser


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