Event Review: Laneways Supper Club, Glasgow

laneways collective prawn laksa
Laneways gordon street Glasgow
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Laneways is a 9 month project within Gordon Lane which brings together street food, drinks and more to the lane next door to Bier Halle.  The lovely Julie at Julie’s Street Food invited us along to try out their new supper club.

The Supper Club at Laneways is a new, exciting dining experience slap bang in the heart of Glasgow city centre. A monthly event of good food, drink, chatter and music.

laneways collective

If you haven’t peeked into the lane, do so now, well not right now but get yourself along for some food and have a nosey.  There are tables, chairs, heating (well needed in this “summer”) plus a bar and a couple of stalls serving food.

Tonight we had a choice of two menus, from On Rotation Rotisserie and Julie’s Street Kitchen.  Part of the ticket includes a welcome drink, a reverse Bellini, and a drink with your dessert, an Imperial Raspberry Punch.  So with reverse Bellinis in hand we looked over the menu and decided what to have…

laneways collective

Vegan choices were included as well as Vegetarian.

We decided on splitting the menu and picking our faves from each.

laneways collective prawn laksa
Prawn Laksa, Julie’s Street Kitchen.

This spicy noodle soup was a perfect start to the night.  Warming but light with juicy prawns.  Some bread to dip in would have made this sublime.  We’ll need to visit again for some more!

laneways collective brisket crostini
Brisket Crostini, On Rotation Rotisserie

Tender and moist brisket with chimichurri and a salad.  Brisket juice soaking in the bread and topped with a strong coriander chimichurri.  Yum!

laneways collective char suit pork belly
Char Sui Pork Belly, Julie’s Street Kitchen

I’m not a huge fan of five spice so tend to give Char Sui a wide berth, however this one was delicious! And no wonder. It was Julie’s mum’s recipe, so no five spice or toffee apple glaze here. Instead fatty chewy pork belly let out its flavours and the meaty pork slices melted away easily.

laneways collective polenta tower
Polenta Tower, On Rotation Rotisserie.

Lentils surrounding a polenta tower saturated with tempting juices topped with fig, wild mushroom and onion.   This reminded me of Nigel Slater’s Hangover Beef recipe. which is an ideal meal for winter or summer.   The juice soaked polenta didn’t have the usual mouth drying texture with the fig giving the dish some sweetness.

After a rest, and an Imperial Raspberry Punch, it was time for pudding.

laneways collective imperial raspberry punch
Imperial Raspberry Punch

Mango drizzle cake with cardamom chantilly cream.  WOW, I love cardamom and who knew (well except everyone who cooks with cardamom!) that it went so well with mango.  A new mix for me. Soft and fluffy cake with plenty of gooey sauce to go round.

laneways collective mango drizzle cake
Mango Drizzle Cake, Julie’s Street Kitchen

The sticky salted caramel brownie with Chantilly cream didn’t look as impressive but it packed a salty punch.  Sugary, salty and not that gloopy brownie that leaves your stomach feeling that it’s gone five rounds.

laneways collective salted caramel brownie
Salted Caramel Brownie, On Rotation Rotisserie


We chatted with Gregor who curated the drinks. The reverse bellini contained prosecco topped with mango nectar and an irn bru and cardamom reduction to give it a foamy head.  The Imperial Raspberry Punch contained Bacardi infused with caraway, raspberry water, spiced chai tea and burnt lime and chicory sugar (this was our fave).

laneways collective bar
Bar Area

laneways collective julie

Keep your eyes peeled for the next supper club!

Julie’s Street Kitchen

On Rotation Rotisserie

Laneways Collective





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