El Galipote rum based spirit arrives in the UK

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Pink and Spiced rum based spirits now available in Asda

With rising sales and new rums appearing on the market, forecasts suggest that rum could be the next big drink next year, and with that in mind, we recently received two samples from El Galipote, made by a Lithuanian-based company using Caribbean ingredients.

Named after the mythical ‘El Galipote’ a Caribbean creature, which legend dictates has the power to transform into any object or animal – as captured on El Galipote’s labels, the vogueing flamingo on the pink rum caught my eye.

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Sold as a rum that is perfect for mixing, we tasted them neat and with mixers.  They are both strong and sweet with notably different flavour profiles, so we think they would be ideal as a mixer. One for those who love spices, and one for those who prefer fruity flavours.

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On the nose, we got sweet demerara sugar, caramel, vanilla cinnamon and nutmeg. With the first sip neat, after the initial alcohol hit, there’s a spiced, oily caramel flavour that lingers.  Pineapple, apple, or orange juice; cola; and ginger beer all marry well alongside the El Galiopte Spiced.

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el galipote rum image 2


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In comparison, the El Galipote Pink, despite being 2.5% higher in alcohol had a lighter but still sweet, strawberry and kola kube aroma.  There was a slight rum taste when drinking neat, but not too powerful.  This drink is certainly one for mixing, it would probably be a better choice for those who prefer / usually drink gin or vodka. This tasted better mixed with soda water but would work with cola as well.

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El Galipote Spiced Rum and El Galipote Pink Rum will be available from selected Asda stores across the UK soon.

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