Edinburgh Larder Goes East, 1A Alva Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4PH



Edinburgh Larder goes East was a night within the first birthday week celebrations as well as a collaboration night with Barneys Beer. We had visited before (review here) and enjoyed the look of the place. It was £25 for 3 courses with a beer taster.


Edinburgh_Larder_BeerOne bottle of Capital Porter and Volcano IPA between us to sample the beer along with our food. More info on Barneys Beer can be found HERE.


Edinburgh_Larder_DuckCurried Gartmorn farm duck breast with creme fraiche

Moist duck with crisp fat outside, the cool creme fraîche worked well with the Caraway seed spinach

Marinated squid with gooseberries and beech coriander

Light and sweet tasting squid, small slices which meant it was easy to eat. The squid wasn’t at all rubbery and tasted fresh.

Edinburgh_Larder_CourgettesDevilled courgettes with cashews, tomatoes and local peas

Mildly spicy curry taste, delicious fresh and sweet cherry tomatoes (From Clyde Valley I believe) and crunchy cashews.



Slow cooked Gorgie Farm mutton shoulder in a thick spicy coconut sauce

Melt in the mouth and fall off the bone mutton matched perfectly with the thick coconut sauce.

Both Served with yellow rice, onion bhajis and lentils



Steamed coconut scented semolina with lemon balm ice cream

A light and refreshing dessert. Semolina with a hint of coconut. The lemon balm ice cream cleansed the palate.


Edinburgh_Larder_CheesecakeEteaket Chai and ginger cheesecake with sweet cicely syrup

Soft and Creamy cheese with anextremely crunchy textured base – and sticky. Jellied topping like a tea jelly, had gummi bear cola bottle taste mmm!



The light spices didn’t overpower the food or the beer and the chat with Barneys Beer was an added bonus. Cosy and informal bistro with some great food. One to watch we think.
Edinburgh Larder Bistro on Urbanspoon

Edinburgh Larder Bistro on Urbanspoon

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