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Drink Review: Tanners Wine House Range – Mosel Riesling

Tanners mosel riesling reviewTanners Wine Merchants are independent family-run shippers of wine since 1842 and they know their stuff, so much so that they have a “house range” which guarantees that each bottle will be an excellent wine.  With choice picks from many regions you are sure to find something you like.

I grew up with the likes of Liebraumilch and Lambrusco but have moved onto Malbec in my old age, though there are times when I quite fancy a fruity white and after re-discovering how fresh wine from Loire tasted, it was time to re-visit another old favourite as Tanners offered a bottle from the “House Range” mentioned above and I picked a Mosel Riesling, which is well known for its light style and relatively low alcohol content (for wine).

Tanners mosel riesling reviewWines from Germany aren’t exactly in vogue right now and this Mosel Riesling is their only German offering so I knew it must be good.  At £11.30 and 10.5%, the price and strength was within range for having with a meal for a “date night” at home.  The light, fruity taste was like peach and pear with a fizzy almost sherbet-like background.  It went down perfectly on its own and would go very well with a lighter dish such as pasta or fish so that the fruity taste would not be overpowered.

Tanners mosel riesling reviewThe golden colour was eye-catching and the sweet but slightly dry wine reminded me of previous German wines I have enjoyed.  This is a great all-round wine, and would even go well with sunday brunch.  Thumbs up from Mrs Foodie to this light, fruity and much ignored wine.  Go on give German wines another chance!

Tanners mosel riesling reviewTanners Wine Merchants sell wine by they sell by dozens, half dozens and 1, 2 & 3 cases as well as any quantity you like. It’s just that if you buy in these quantities, it’ll fill their differently sized boxes perfectly so there’s no excess packaging – something eco-conscious customers might want to bear in mind.

NB: Riesling can come from many regions but we find that if it comes from Mosel then that’s the sign of a good bottle!


+ Light and fruity flavour
+ Easy to quaff
+ Suitable for all sorts of occasions

– Delivery charge if spending under £95



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