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Probably our favourite white wine

We are HUGE fans of Reisling, Mrs Foodie was reared on Blue Nun which is a Liebfraumilch from the area that also produces Riesling, so it is kind of in her DNA to like sweet German wine. Therefore, a night tasting Riesling with Wine Events Scotland and Luvians as a preview for 31 days of German Riesling in July was not something to be missed. We booked a spot and drooled over the bottles of wine that were delivered.

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What is Riesling?

Riesling is a white grape variety that originates from the Rhine region of Germany. It is an aromatic grape and used to make sweet and sparkling wines. They aren’t generally oaked, that is they are not stored in an oak barrel to give extra colour and flavour.


Where is Riesling grown?

Riesling can be found in both France and Germany in the Alsace and Rhine valley respectively. Elsewhere, Riesling is also grown in Australia, New Zealand and, as we discovered at another recent Wine Events Scotland tasting, the Finger Lakes in New York State.


What does Riesling taste like?

In the cooler climates of France and Germany, Riesling has more of a crisp apple and sweet honey taste. The varieties from hotter regions are a bit more citrusy in taste but generally, it’s a lighter tasting wine that can adapt to many different situations.


Tasting Notes

Tonight we were trying three Riesling wines, one sparkling (sekt) and two dry.

Dr Loosen Extra Dry Riesling Sekt, Mosel, Germany

Tangerine aroma with a sweet, apple and honey flavour with a citrus finish.

Dr Loosen Extra Dry Riesling Sekt, Mosel, Germany

Villa Wolf Riesling Dry 2020, Pfaltz, Germany

A clean, crisp and light white with a prominent aroma and taste of pear.

Villa Wolf Riesling Dry 2020, Pfaltz, Germany


Leitz Eins Zwei Dry Riesling 202, Rheingau, Germany

Has a floral, grass and gooseberry aroma with a pear taste and a citrus finish.

leitz reisling eins zwei dry


All of these wines can be purchased through Luvians wines – pick them up at their shops in St Andrews and Cupar or order for delivery costing £8.20 for up to 12 bottles.

Order Riesling wine from


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