Join us for 31 Days of German Riesling

Wines of Germany celebrate Riesling

This month sees the launch of 31 days of German Riesling campaign from Wines of Germany. The campaign aims to spread awareness of the famous grape variety that originates from the country by encouraging all independent wine merchants, restaurants and wine bars to showcase their bottles of Riesling.

So why 31 days of Riesling? Apparently, it takes 30 days to form a new habit, so hello 31 days of Riesling!

Riesling is an under appreciated wine today we feel as supermarkets are pushing new world wines and emerging regions within Europe, which is good of course, but then people forget that the popular wines of yesterday are still great today, and years of Blue Nun and cheap Liebfraumilch have tarnished the reputation of German wine for some.

But it’s probably our favourite white wine grape as we find that the German ones in particular provide a light and refreshing wine, that tastes great on its own but also pairs well with a wide variety of food.

There are different styles of Riesling as well. dry, off-dry, sweet and sparkling. You’ll see these marked on labels as:

Trocken (dry)
Kabinett (dry to off-dry)
Spätlese (sweet)
Auslese (sweeter)
Beerenauslese (very sweet)
Trockenbeerenauslese (super sweet)
Sekt (sparkling)

Where is German Riesling from?

Where is Riesling from
Wines of Germany

Tasting Sheet for Riesling

Riesling tasting sheet
Wines of Germany

Our livers would never forgive us for a full 31 days of Riesling, but our first recommendation would be this one from Lidl – Brauneberger Kurfürstlay Riesling Feinherb.

The aroma is a bit plasticky and oily but it has a very easy drinking sweet and juicy apple / melon flavour with a honeyed finish. It’s great value and a worthwhile introduction to Riesling at only £4.99 a bottle.

Thörnicher St. Michael, Mosel Riesling

Lidl Brauneberger Kurfürstlay Riesling Feinherb on Vivino

31 days of German Riesling


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