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starward whisky

Australian Whisky

Starward is the brainchild of founder David Vitale, following a meeting, and subsequent employment by ‘Godfather of Whisky’ in Oz, Bill Lark of Lark Distillery. Starward commenced distilling in 2010.

Unusually, for a whisky distillery, Starward continues to be staffed and produced by people with little or no experience or history in the whisky business. All whiskies in the range are matured in red wine casks and are 3-5 years old.

starward whisky

Leftfield – Released Feb 2021. Matured in 100% French Oak, Pinot Noir/Cabernet casks, leading to a smooth, sweet whisky, with a hint of spice and liquorice. Popular at festivals when served in slushies.


Nova – Matured in American and French oak casks – Shiraz; bourbon char level 1. This whisky goes through a 36-hour fermentation process and is twice distilled. Cooling jackets are placed on stills to maintain a constant temperature. Stronger tasting than Leftfield, smooth, creamy with a caramelised flavour.

starward whisky

Fortis – Released Oct 2020. Matured in American oak, Shiraz casks, Fortis is quite bourbonesque, leading to a smooth, chocolatey taste, with a bit of a kick that sneaks up on you.

starward whisky

Dolce – From the ‘Projects Range’, is an Italian inspired dessert whisky. Matured in American and French Oak cask, then Masala and solera wines. Really sweet whisky, however at 48%, packs a punch.

starward whisky

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Master of Malt

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