Claudio's Italian Restaurant, Old Police Station, Moffat – Jan 2011

Rated the best restaurant in Moffat, well apart from the hotels it appears to be the only other place in Moffat!

Cosy, family friendly restaurant in an old sandstone building with a conservatory attached. Seems to be full of regulars who know that you book before appearing. We appeared and thankfully got a table, right next to the front door but we were starved and apart from sitting in a hotel restaurant there was no where else to dine. Hmm.

No specials offered to us, no chit chat – that is kept for the locals.

Starters range from £3.50 for soup up to £12.50 for anti-pasto for two. Being a cold wintery night the other half plumped for Stracciatella soup whilst I went for some bruschetta. Both were tasty although the Bruschetta was ahead in the taste stakes.

The usual suspects on the menu pasta/pizza/chicken. I played safe with Spaghetti Carbonara at £7.95 whilst the adventurous one went for pork fillet filled with chorizo and black pudding (£12.50). The carbonara did what it says on the tin. Good portion too – a side order of the strangest looking focaccia (£2.75), More like a poppadom than a bread. The pork fillet looked lovely, with a thick sauce however the chorizo and black pudding were tasteless. Definitely not worth the money.

Bill was £49.05 for two courses each including a bottle of wine and two other alcoholic drinks. Good place to go to if in the area, but I wouldn’t go out my way for it.

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