The cheapest lunch in Glasgow at The Star Bar

the star bar glasgow

Is this the cheapest lunch in Glasgow?

We have been fans of the lunch at The Star Bar at Eglinton Toll in Glasgow for many years. I have fond memories of passing by to go to my gran’s house and seeing their lunch deal posters, alongside the posters for entertainment from Robert and May Miller.

You won’t miss the building. It’s like Glasgow’s answer to New York’s flat iron building. Slap bang in the middle of two main roads.

It was a rotten day for weather when we visited so comfort food was needed, The Star Bar beckoned.

the star bar glasgow


the star bar glasgow The price may have increased substantially from £1.80 to £4 over the last decade, however, that’s not actually much of an increase in the grand scheme of things so the customers are still coming.

On previous visits our fellow diners were mostly pensioners, while today there was a mixture of ages, so the word is out!

the star bar glasgow

Inside, the decor is a mixture of 40’s deco cornicing, 60’s leather padded bar and 80’s wallpaper with some hammered metal tables for good measure.

the star bar glasgow

Menu at The Star Bar, Glasgow

the star bar glasgow menu

What we ate

Soup or fruit juice to start, with the day’s weather, soup. Actually, regardless of weather it’s always has to be soup.

the star bar glasgow soup

Lentil soup, just like at gran’s.  Salty with lots of flavour.  At the end of the bowl, I could’ve gone another!

Next course, macaroni cheese, marrowfat peas and chips. Take that Instagram!

the star bar glasgow macaroni cheese

What a portion, I struggled and I’m a greedy b…sorry, professional muncher is what I am. It’s not the best macaroni cheese, if truth be told but it isn’t the worst and it’s cheap as chips.  More cheese was preferred but that would increase the cost.   A perfect plate of comfort food. (remember to also put some vinegar on your peas!)

the star bar glasgow scotch pie

Scotch pie, marrowfat peas, chips and gravy.  This was devoured quickly, so much so I didn’t get a fork into the pie.  I am therefore making the executive decision that this hit the spot!

the star bar glasgow rice fruit

Ice cream or creamed rice to finish and for me it has to be rice and fruit every time. Served in those nostalgic ice cream dishes just like I used to get when I was little.

I think that’s why The Star Bar works, homely food just like many of us were brought up on and at £4 for a 3 course lunch it can’t be beaten.

the star bar glasgow

Where is The Star Bar

The Star Bar, 537 Eglinton Street, Glasgow, G5 9RN





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