Brooklyn cafe, Minard Road, Shawlands, Glasgow

Brooklyn Pizza Pasta

With the hoards attending Robbie Williams, and peace decending on Shawlands, we decided on some food.  Not having eaten properly in Brooklyn Cafe, only coffees and their ice cream, we decided on there.

Warning bells should have sounded, the place was empty, but we were hungry. The continual sight of the Chef taking the bins out was a little worrying too but we went on and ordered.

The menu featured the usual pasta, burgers with a separate menu for the grill offerings.

Brooklyn Pizza Pasta

Pizza/Pasta Combo for One £11.45

Mac n cheese sauce not very cheesy,  inside insipid and tasteless.  Ms Foodie gave up after a couple of fork fulls.  The usual catering cheese taste did not permeate down to the sauce.  The waitress asked why Ms Foodie didn’t eat it and was advised why to be offered to put more cheese on top of the dish – nooo!  The pizza was OK although a tad greasy.  Thankfully, due to being completely starving the side order of frozen chips was passable. (extra £2.70)

Brooklyn Cafe Blue Cheese Burger

Brooklyn House Burger £8.45

Burger laughably watery blue cheese sauce.  It did at least have a hint of blue cheese taste though.  Average burger and chips in a pail!

Poor Blue Cheese sauce at Brooklyn Cafe, Shawlands, Glasgow from Food and Drink Glasgow on Vimeo.

Onion rings were OK too, no problem cooking bought in onion rings. (£2.70)

When paying the bill we were charged the full price for the mac n cheese and got a blank “I wasn’t told you didn’t like it” when advised we hadn’t eaten it.  Considering the place was empty, it’s not as if the waitress could forget!

Overall £29.45 for two cans of soft drink ( £2.20 for Sanpelligrino and £1.95 for ginger beer)  and a decidedly below average meal makes us want to avoid this place.  We hope the Chef was at Robbie’s gig and that this isn’t what is expected to be the standard of food.

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