Biscuit, Skirving Street, Shawlands

Decided to give Biscuit another go and I’m glad I did. Much improved on the service front with a lovely rose latte and some gorgeous cupcakes with easter bunnies. My only gripe was kids running around amok (why can’t parents control their kids? running in and out a plate glass door isn’t a really good idea?!) and the open cake area where some yummy mummy kids decided to have a point and poke whilst deciding on what they wanted (i’ll have one without the kids fingers please!)
Otherwise a much better visit, and one I’d like to repeat. YAY!



Oct 2008 Visit
Another newbie to the coffee scene of Shawlands is Biscuit on Skirving Street. Situated in the middle of 1901 deli and Beanscene. Clean and tidy although it seemed a little clinical inside. We ordered two white coffee’s (£1.70 each) and waited, and waited, time had passed that I had been to the toilet, and we had both read through a copy of the Merchant City Festival Brochure that we had picked up inside. After reminding them we were still there, we received our coffess, sloppily placed onto the table with a curt “Sorry”.

Coffee wasn’t too strong either, it seemed more like a cross between a latte and a capuccino 🙁

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  1. John D.
    26/01/2009 / 1:35 pm
    I agree the decor inside seems a little bit clinical. When I've been in service has been a bit slow - but friendly.
  2. Laura
    10/02/2009 / 2:26 pm
    Great coffee and the best breakfast I've had in a long time. Very relaxed atmosphere with cool tunes on a Sunday to chill out. I thought the service was fine, very friendly.
  3. Jessica
    18/03/2009 / 1:47 pm
    I love Biscuit! The coffee is lovely, the treats are good, meals filling and its all at a reasonable price. I use to go to Beanscene because there was no other closer option... I hated Beanscene coffee (but I craved lattes) so I am extremely happy to find that Biscuit's coffee is good and at a reasonable price. Plus its not dirty like in Beanscene!
  4. Ally
    09/07/2009 / 3:44 pm
    I think you will struggle to find a better place for Sunday Brunch in the south side of Glasgow. There were so many options on the Sunday Menu I was stuck for ten mins deciding what to have! In the end, I went for the pancakes with yogurt & honey...mmmm. Defo worth a repeat visit.
  5. Linda
    19/11/2009 / 3:51 pm
    I've walked past Biscuit loads of times when going next door to Beanscene. I guess I always thought the coffee wouldnt be as good as Beanscene. However, I went in recently and was really surprised. The Machiato was spot on and they seem to take their coffee seriously. Not a lot of people may know this but Beanscene have some serious coffee competition next door.
  6. Mark
    23/02/2010 / 12:41 pm
    In terms of SERVICE, PRICE, QUALITY and CLEANLINESS 'Biscuit' certainly outstrips it's neighbour, 'The Beanscene'. Superb cafe!

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