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A Great Rail Journey with my mum

Website Great Rail Journeys are offering a mum and a blogger a short break to Bruges to say Thanks Mum!

Bruges is a beautiful city, canals and chocolate (and beer!). This ticks all our boxes for a break but can it for my mum?

Great rail journey Bruges Mother's Day
Picturesque Bruges © Great Rail Journeys

Now being a man, and a Glaswegian one at that, I tick all stereotype boxes of not telling her that I appreciate her and love her.

Well here’s my chance!

There’s no special story as to why I’d love to whisk my mum away to Bruges. No tear jerker, no sad story. My mum has been my mum. Raising me with love, a slap on the bum now and then but always being there ready to help when needed and just a small amount of judgement when things go wrong!

My mum is of the generation where she won’t spend money on herself. A holiday is an extravagance. I’d love to show her that holidays are an investment in yourself. A break from the norm, a chance to see somewhere different, eat different foods and some give yourself some TLC by not worrying about doing the dishes or the laundry!

Great rail journey Bruges Mother's Day
Beer, chocolate, cakes all that’s missing are frites and mayo!

Of course she would love the chocolate shops, the canal boat trips, wandering around the cobbled streets and I’m sure we  would both appreciate the opportunity to spend some time together on our own, and for me to say thanks for being my mum.

Great rail journey Bruges Mother's Day

Great rail journey Bruges Mother's Day

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