5 things to do for World Gin Day

world gin day gin spa

5 ways to celebrate World Gin Day

It’s World Gin Day on  9th June, so what better way to celebrate than to get up to some gin hi-jinks.  Have it neat, in a cocktail, sleep with it, have a spa or go on a cruise with it.

1. Sail on a gin cruise


Juniper Cruises take you along  Edinburgh’s Union Canal where you can relax and learn all about gin.  Sample the gin neat, with tonic or as a cocktail.  A great day out we may say so ourselves! Check out when we visited here.

2. Sleep in Britain’s first gin hotel

world gin day gin hotel london

Yes, there really is! The distillery in London is heaven for gin drinkers with four floors of gin fun.  There are masterclasses, gin museum and more, but the most appealing aspect is staying there so how about booking a room?

3. Pamper yourself in a gin spa

world gin day gin spa

Gin71 is always a fave gin haunt for us and they now have the worlds first gin spa! The GIN71 gin inspired botanical day spa includes treatments such as facials, manicures and massages.

4. Go on a Gin Tour

belfast gin tour world gin day

Try the  Belfast Gin Jaunt which is Northern Ireland’s first gin tour.  Visit five bars and try around seven gins in this three-hour gin tour.  Hopefully you get to try the perfect serve of Jawbox Gin, it’s delish!


5. Try some seaweed gin

seaweed gin world gin day
Royalty Free Licence granted to Da Mhile Distilleries.

Dà Mhìle Seaweed gin is made with seaweed from the New Quay coast of Wales (not to be confused with Newquay in Cornwall!) and surely must be worth seeking out for including this unusual ingredient which is probably more enticing to non-seaweed eating people than laverbread!

Happy World Gin Day!

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