Zizzi – Roxburgh Court, Edinburgh

Launch of the new Zizzi restaurant in Edinburgh at Roxburgh Court, just off the Royal Mile.  With local celebs and photographers, it was a glamourous event.  Aperol Spritz provided some well needed lubrication after the journey through to Edinburgh!

Zizzi_Edin_signOur first time down St Mary’s Close to a hidden part of Edinburgh with a lovely courtyard for sitting out on sunny days.



We were welcomed with an Aperol Spritz from a hunk and some happy smiley faces, eager to show off their new job.

We were entertained by the neighbours of St Mary’s Close, a great bunch – some with strange dressing habits – a plague avoiding mask!  Thankfully that didn’t put us off the meals.


A full house meant the kitchen was busy.  The staff looked calm, and did very well serving a full house.


An anti-pasti board to start, delicious pesto.

Zizzi_Edin_Pizzaa  half n’ half pizza


Zizzi_edin_PastaSpicy linguine


Zizzi_Edin_dessertsSample desserts – all lovely!



After so much food only coffee would do!

Zizzi_Edin_empty_KitchenAn empty kitchen, staff having a much earned rest.


Zizzi_Edin_TableIntimate booths


zizzi_edin_funThe lovely Gina McKie was there to enjoy the fun

An excellent launch night, some very happy faces , both in and out of the kitchen.  The staff did very well with a bunch of merry people.  Looking forward to visiting again to see how well the staff have settled in and to find a courtyard for a glass (or two) of Aperol :).

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