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poznan croissant museum

A surprising food history in Poland

You might think of croissants as being French but did you do know about the history of St. Martin‘s croissants in Poland?

The Poznan Croissant Museum, or Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania, isn’t really a museum, it’s more a showcase of St. Martin Croissants.  It isn’t a stuffy affair, its full of fun and laughter, at the expense of us visitors!  Mr Foodie got roped into some cooking and produced a stunningly delicious croissant.

poznan croissant museum

Did you know that Rogale Świętomarcińskie (in Polish) or the St. Martin Croissants are only allowed to be made in the region of Poznan? They are protected under EU law.   This means that not just anyone can make and sell a St. Martin’s croissant.  In order to make them, you must follow a recipe exactly and make them in Poznan.

poznan croissant museumThe story behind the croissant

The croissants date back to 1891 when a local priest started a “Help your neighbours survive winter” campaign.  A local baker joined him and made filled croissants to give to poor people.  Poznians celebrate the priest and the baker on St. Martin’s Day, 11th November.

Unlike French croissants, the St. Martin’s croissant is folded 81 times. Each fold has layers of poppy seeds, nuts, raisins, almonds, sugar, and butter.

poznan croissant museum

And if you do visit in winter check out their croissant-themed nativity scene!

poznan croissant museum


Poznan Croissant Museum

41/2 Stary Rynek  (entrance from 23 Klasztorna Street)


Show in English

13:45 – daily (July, August, September and October)

13:45 – Saturdays and Sundays (all year round)

Shows in Polish

11:10, 12:30, 13:45, 15:00

Make sure you arrive 10 minutes before the show and wait downstairs.


19PLN per person



+48 690 077 800

Come say hello on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ❤️


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