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Valentine’s Day Greggs Style

Make your sausage roll this Valentine’s Day

If you didn’t get a table booked at Greggs for Valentine’s Day fear not!  Be like us and have a Greggs-style Valentine’s Day at home.

Valentine’s Day Greggs

Romance was in the air in Foodie towers as it is the month of love and Valentine’s Day is soon.  Mr Foodie was in control of the kitchen…making sure the Greggs takeaway was warm, just like his heart aww. ❤🤮


The menu for the evening included :-

Valentine’s Day Greggs

Pizza au fromage et tomate a delicate number also known as “cheese and tomato pizza” to start, followed by Saucisse à l’intérieur de la pâte feuilletée or merely a “sausage roll” to those of us who don’t speak French. The paper bag was discarded and this was served on a plate, as they would do so in a high-end restaurant (how posh!) alongside beans (of course). To finish we shared a petit gâteau or as we know it, a cup cake!

Ok, so my menu translation into French might be a bit off as I took German at school and although Mr Foodie was supposed to have learnt French, back then he didn’t pay much attention to it, but French is the language of love so a half-hearted attempt is better than none right?


Here’s the cheese and tomato pizza served canapé style. For £1.50 it’s a quick eat-on-the-go takeaway pizza, the style you’ll find in similar baked goods takeaway outlets all over Europe.

Valentine’s Day Greggs

Next up, sausage roll on top of a bed of baked beans…a  Greggs classic.  Light and flakey puff pastry surrounding smooth sausage meat. Accompanied by tender beans in a tomato sauce, this is a harmonious combination. 👌

Valentine’s Day Greggs

Finally, dessert.  We get all romantic sharing a cupcake. Fluffy sponge topped with icing and nonpareils. A decadent end to a delightful meal.

Valentine’s Day Greggs

We quaffed down some Lidl Arestel Cava which is only £3.49!  A light, sweet and fresh cava.  Perfect!

Valentine’s Day Greggs

Total cost £3.65 from Greggs, plus 70p for a tin of Branston beans and £3.49 for the Lidl fizz making this £7.84 for a romantic meal for two at home, perfect for a budget-friendly night of romance! ❤

Whatever you are up to this Valentine’s Day have fun and 💋 from us!

Valentine’s Day Greggs

Valentine’s Day Greggs

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