The Salt Cave, Marionville Road, Edinburgh EH7 5UD

Always looking for somewhere to chill out and heal this cranky body, I jumped at the chance of trying out The Salt Cave in Edinburgh after hearing about it from a friend.

Allegedly beneficial to the respiratory system as well as for skin conditions. With asthma and my general body vibe of hating our lovely damp climate, I thought it was worth a go.

I arrived not knowing what to expect. The reception area is bright and cheery looking with lots of information around on allergies as well as conditions such Asthma, Sinusitis etc.

After filling in a health questionnaire, I was shown through to an area with lockers and given shoe covers as well as a natty head cover. Stylish!

This was all that was needed. No special outfits, just myself and some some gear to protect the salt.

The salt caves, Edinburgh

Inside the cave

I entered into a full room where we were briefed on what would be happening. The floor was covered in salt and the walls encrusted. Soothing and cocoon like, especially with the sound of the sea from the speakers surrounding the room.

Soon the lights were dimmed and we were all left to relax. Some certainly did with snores coming from around me!

After an hour of chilling out, I was sad to be thrust back into reality.

The salt caves, Edinburgh

Salty floor

A quick debrief and a leaflet later, I was on my way home.

One session would not cure all ills, and I would like to try this again to see if it does help with my asthma.

First session is free with buy one get one free sessions available. Usual session price is £35 per session which isn’t cheap but with bundle buys this reduces.


The salt caves, Edinburgh


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