The Bungo, 17-21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow, G41 2AL- Dec 2011

From the helm of Two Figs and The Left Bank comes – The Bungo.  Interesting decor, think Next when they had that industrial landscape store in Argyle Street, not really somewhere that you can sit for a couple of hours whilst having an evening.   Huge windows and poor heating meant that we cuddled around the tea light on the table.

We settled in and waited, a pleasant waitress arrived with menu, seemed to be off-put that we didn’t want food but a drink.  So we perused the delights of the bar, which weren’t many in all honestly – Mulberry Street/Allison Arms  around the corner have a much better selection of beers.  We waited, and waited, eventually a member of staff appeared “food?” er no drink, and he walked away.  Waiting again.  We eventually order our beers Brooklyn, and Innis and Gunn (which the server couldn’t understand) and a gin and tonic.   Another wait and our drinks return, no glasses – for the price I expect a glass with the beer!.  The G&T was mostly ice and had one slither of cucumber – most disappointing.

Needless to say, we won’t be returning.

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  1. trolley boy
    19/01/2012 / 9:59 pm
    I must say for a newly opened establishment they should really be trying harder. Popped in for a quick bite to eat 2 Fridays ago, lovely chicken satay skewers but the service was a bit slow and it took 15 minutes to get and pay the bill ( taking the money is the easy bit!) Early days I thought, so gave them the benefit of the doubt and returned last Friday to meet some friends for a few drinks. 4 o'clock on a Friday and theres more staff than customers, it still took 20 minutes to get a drink. There was a problem with all of their draught beers and rather than offer an alternative or even an explanation our mate had to stand at the bar while the staff exchanged blank glances. This was the last straw in our non-existent cocktails. We certainly wont be back. After that , the cliquey crowd in The Mulberry were almost bearable.

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