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singapore coffee house breakfast

Bijoux cafe in Edinburgh’s Canonmills

You’ll find the Singapore Coffee House in Cannonmills where the Bluebird Cafe used to be and is near One Canon pub.

We were lucky to get a seat in this dinky kopitiam, with three tables and no reservations, this is a first come first served kind of place; so you might have to do a couple of laps of the block to get a seat.

I’ve ever been to the original Singapore Coffee House in Raffles Hotel, however, I think getting a table here might be more elusive!

singapore coffee house outside

It was a dreich day outside, so we were happy to get a seat and get a look at the menu.

singapore coffee house

Singapore Coffee House Menu

singapore coffee house edinburgh menu


singapore coffee house edinburgh drinks menu

The menu is split into two, with breakfast items before 12 and more substantial items such as Nasi Lamak and Laksa Soup.  Available all day are their Singapore influenced coffees, as well as traditional tea, coffee and soft drinks.

We were here before midday so had the choice of kaya toast, akoori, murtabak and even a Singapore influence full cooked breakfast.  We decided on a bit of a cultural mish mash with Akoori – Indian style scrambled eggs with sambal and a flaky roti alongside a sausage wrapped inside a roti with some curry sauce plus a cheeky spiral curry puff.

First to arrive, coffee.

A standard kopi for me, which is made with Robusta beans and is served with two spoons of condensed milk.  This seems like a Scottish coffee – sweet with a mellow flavour.  I’m not a huge strong coffee fan, more of a German filter coffee level so loved this.

Mark picked a kopi o kosong which is described “for coffee lovers who like their coffee black best enjoyed without sugar”  It certainly was that, a good cup of coffee.

singapore coffee house kopi

Then arrived the food…

Akoori – Indian style scrambled eggs with sambal and a flaky roti.  Lightly spiced and creamy scrambled eggs served with a flaky roti just made for making a sandwich with.

singapore coffee house breakfast

I ordered a sausage wrapped inside a roti with some curry sauce.  This dish just says lift and dip.  The buttery roti and the sweet curry sauce which is almost like having brown sauce on the sausages.  Bliss.

singapore coffee house breakfast

The spiral puff is a bit like a lightly spiced cornish pastie.  Deliciously light puff pastry swirled around a hefty amount of potato, paneer and pea filling.

singapore coffee house breakfast

We could happily have stayed here all day however we had Fizz Feast to go to.


Superb.  A dinky place with a lot going for it.  The food is made fresh and right in front of you – with the space here I’m surprised how much gets made.  Service was friendly and helpful, food delicious and we will be back.

singapore coffee house breakfast

Where is Singapore Coffee House?

Singapore Coffee House, 5 Canonmills, Edinburgh, EH3 5HA




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