Product Review: Ready to bake pretzels Lidl

Lidl ready to bake pretzels bretzels

Lidl ready to bake pretzels (Bretzels)

It’s Oktoberfest time and that means Lidl is full of goodies with their Alpen Fest week.  Usually that means some Bavarian delights such as Leberkase (meat loaf sausage which is 😍 on a roll with some mustard) and beer.  This time I spied Pretzels in the freezer.  I’ve missed them since they’ve not been in the bakery section, so in the basket they went.

Lidl ready to bake pretzels bretzels They are priced at £1.79 for 9 pretzels, which I thought was good value, but would they taste good? Only one way to find out.

Lidl ready to bake pretzels bretzels

I removed 4 from the packet and let them sit for about 5-10 mins whilst I pottered about in the kitchen. Once they had softened enough, I added some of the salt from the enclosed packet.

Into the oven for about 10 mins….the smell of them baking  😍

Lidl ready to bake pretzels bretzels

Just what I needed, salt and bread.  All that was missing was the beer!

Lidl ready to bake pretzels bretzels

A big thumbs up from both of us. Just like the pretzels from beer halls and it took all of our will power not to bake some more.  Think I’ll be keeping a few packets in the freezer.




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    These things are amazing. Went back to Lidl today to get a few packs to stash in the freezer but they were sold out already :(
    • Glasgow Foodie
      Glasgow Foodie
      :( oh no - I’ve hardly any freezer space, beginning to panic

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