Preview: Scottish Coffee Festival – 29th November 2014

scottish coffee festival drygate

On Saturday, 29th November, 11am-6pm at Drygate will see the first Scottish Coffee Festival

With some of the best coffee roasters in Scotland and some of Glasgow’s best cafe’s around it sounds like a great day.  There is going to be tastings, samplings and demonstrations, latte art and cupping and some amazing food provided by Drygate. Products made available by the roasters and cafe’s on the day will be available to buy.   There will also be live music and entertainment on the day as well.

Tickets are £8 and available now at Scottish Coffee Festival.

£1 from each ticket sold will be going to The Princess and Princess of Wales Hospice.


prince and princes of wales hospice

The people behind the  Scottish Coffee Festival are Chris Brown, 29, who works in communications at the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice.

“I’ve travelled all over the world and came across some amazing coffee festivals in London and Amsterdam where around 40 to 50,000 people attended over the three days that it was on,” he said.

“I’m from Edinburgh, but since living in Glasgow I’ve been drawn to the vibrant food and events scene over the past two years particularly during the Commonwealth Games.

“It seems that people in Glasgow are always quick to catch onto big events so I think it’s best to start things here first and see how it goes from there.

“Scotland has loads of roasters and a big cafe scene at the moment – there’s a big appetite and enthusiasm for these kind of events so it’s a great platform for these brands to showcase their products.”

And hosting the event this year is east end brewery Drygate, which Chris feels is the perfect location following the success of the Craft Beer Rising festival this month.

scottish coffee festival drygateChris said he was spurred to launch the coffee festival, which he plans to make an annual event, after spending a lot of time in America, New Zealand and Australia where he came across a variety of unique flavours.

“I’ve always wondered why there was never anything like this in Scotland; we have chocolate, wine and beer festivals so why not coffee?

“I visited a coffee plantation in Cuba and got to see how coffee is created. There’s so many different flavours that can be produced and there’s such a fascinating routine to making it.”
From cinnamon to spicy and bold and mild blends, coffee lovers can learn about how the brew is made, various roasts and how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

There will also be espresso martinis on offer as well as a huge selection of cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites to sample from the different roasters across Scotland.

scottish coffee festival drygateRevellers can also take part in creating their own latte art, chat to the cafes coming along, tuck into cakes and Drygate’s tasty grub while enjoying a selection of DJs and live music.

“We want to create something interesting and exciting,” explained Chris.

“Sometimes with the likes of wine festivals there’s a slightly stuffy atmosphere and if you don’t know your stuff then things can get a bit awkward.

“Here, it’s going to be a relaxed vibe where you can find out more about the different suppliers who can talk you through all the processes.”

“Glasgow is exciting and the perfect place to grow the festival before taking it across Scotland, not just in the main cities but more unique smaller venues too.”

Scottish Coffee Festival

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