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New Tokyo street food inspired menu at Yo Sushi

We were invited along to Yo Sushi at Silverburn to try out the new “Welcome to Tokyo” menu.  The menu revamp aims to be more Japanese and less fusion with some Tokyo street food bites on show.

New Menu Layout, Yo Sushi

The new menu is more like a fanzine.  At the front you will find the menu listed as normal (with calories listed for each dish) while the rear of the booklet has articles on fashion and art. The menus will be updated regularly and you can take them home.

The guys at the Silverburn branch put together some samples of the new dishes for us to try.

First up was the clam and enoki (Japanese mushroom) miso:  A very light miso so this umami-infused broth was pretty pleasant, we couldn’t taste much in the way of soya bean or chilli powder and there were no chunks of tofu, unlike most other misos we’ve had so it’s an ideal intro for anyone who’s never tried it.  The price for the full size dish is £4.30 and the other prices given below are for the standard serving size which again is bigger than some of the tasters we received.

Clam and Enoki Miso, Yo Sushi.

A platter came next, filled with Dynamite rolls £3.90 – salmon and avocado nori roll with rayu chilli oil, sriracha mayo and spring onion, Ginza (named after the area in Tokyo) £5.00 – salmon, cream cheese and cucumber roll with arenkha caviar, teriyaki, sriracha and mayo, Ichi-ni-san (1-2-3 in Japanese!) roll £5.00 – scallop, salmon, tuna, cucumber and yuzu koshu nori roll with arenkha caviar and the sushi selection £4.30 comprising albacore tuna, ama ebi (shrimp) and saba sushi (mackerel)  as well as tako sushi £3.40 – octopus and wasabi.    Our favourites were the Dynamite and the Ginza.  Japanese mayo is deliciously creamy and works really well with the sriracha sauce. The octopus was really chewy but hopefully it’s not always like that.


Another plate, or should we say slate, with Teba No Karaage £4.30 – crispy fried chicken wings (delish!), Okonomiyaki £3.90 – cabbage filled pancake topped with smoked bonito flakes (smokey bonito flakes make this dish) as well as Buta No Kakuni £4.30 – slow braised pork (yum!) Ramen Noodle Salad £3.40, Kimchi Ika £3.90 – poached squid with kimchi veggies.  All delicious, our faves were the pancake (AKA Japanese pizza which is really popular in Osaka and Tokyo) with the bonito and the chicken wings.

Yo_sushi_Tokyo_menu_.ramen_wingsFinally dessert.  New additions of Matcha Roll £4.30 – matcha green tea sponge swirled with cream and azuki beans as well as Japanese Souffle Cheesecake £4.30.  The cheesecake tasted as if it was a mix of light sponge and ice-cream. Fluffy, creamy and delicious. The Matcha roll was firmer and tasted pretty healthy for a dessert (gluten-free sort of taste)!


Two new beers for us, Kagua craft Rouge (9%) and Kagua craft Blanc (8%).  Belgian-brewed for Japan, they are both £5.80 but they are really strong. The red was our favourite and like a proper sweet and strong Belgian ale.  The white beer is more of a Hoegaarden witbier-type. Asahi £3.90/£5.20 and Sapporo £6.40 are also available.

Yo_sushi_Tokyo_menu_.You can also take out a taste of Tokyo.

It’s great to see that Yo Sushi have had a menu re-vamp and brought more variety to the menu but still kept our favourites (looking at you Tamago and Avocado Maki!).  We use bonito flakes and Kewpie mayo (the one with the freaky baby!) at home so happy to see them available at Yo Sushi too!


Other things to note – you can now “Sumo me” (supersize) certain dishes and there are no toilets for Yo Sushi at Silverburn specifically. Instead use the shopping centre toilets next to Debenhams.

+ some great new additions, especially the Dynamite & Ginza rolls and the souffle cheesecake
+ calories listed for each dish
+ new tasty Belgian-style beers
+ bonito flakes and Kewpie-style mayo just like Japan
+ you can now supersize certain dishes
+ take home and keep menu

– octopus was tough

Many thanks to Yo Sushi, Silverburn for inviting us along to taste the new menu additions.  Looking forward to more Okonomiyaki already.

fred purr of honourFred sez his mum and dad iz honest with their review.

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