Meantime Brewing launch Maison Hop beer

Meantime brewing Maison hop

Meantime brewing Maison hop

Meantime Brewing launch Bespoke Atelier brew

Meantime Brewing Company and Bespoke Atelier collaborated to create a beer and a Meantime inspired hand-drawn wallpaper.

Meantime brewing Maison hop

Meantime  challenged Bespoke Atelier to create a unique wallpaper design in six weeks for their pop-up bar – the same time it would take Meantime to brew a bespoke beer for them.

Meantime brewing Maison hop
Yvonne and Marion in front of their design

Yvonne and Marion of Bespoke Atelier have taken inspiration from Meantime, their brewery and beers to create a one-of-a-kind print.

Meantime brewery bespoke atelier
Bespoke Atelier wallpaper

Yvonne and Marion’s creation is the second of six collaborations across six key cities for the ‘Make Time For It’ campaign. The campaign will showcase the abundance of craftsmanship and innovation throughout the UK. Each handpicked craftsman has been challenged to create a bespoke product which will form part of a pop-up ‘Make Time For It’ bar which will be unveiled in London at the end of the campaign.

Meantime brewing Maison hop

The beer created by Meantime mixed London and Glasgow-styles: porter and heavy, with dark chocolate, malt and Christmas cake aroma and a treacle, raisin and vanilla taste.  At 5.9% it was easy to drink.

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