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foraged old fashioned mac and wild cocktails

Ready-Made cocktails might conjure up unsophisticated images but these are not for simply getting ‘mad with it’ on a Friday night. These cocktails from Mac & Wild are made in small batches and sound like they would be ideal for any celebrations.  Spend time with your friends instead of measuring out spirits and mixers.

mac and wild cocktailsThe range includes:

Auld pal negroni: Hendrick’s gin, Suze gentian, Bianco vermouth, chamomile and gorse flower. Floral notes and a herbal taste. Just add an orange slice to make it complete.

Black Watch espresso Martini: Talisker 10 whisky, house coffee liqueur, amaro, artisan roast Janzsoon beans, cold brew, chocolate bitters. Smoky and dark with a bitter tobacco finish.

bonnie spritz mac and wild cocktailsBonnie Spritz: Haig Club Clubman whisky, Rosato vermouth, rowan berries, lime and rhubarb. Tart flavours with a hint of spice and a sour finish.

Dundee sour: Blackwood’s gin infused with the flavours of Dundee cake so lots of citrus, cinnamon, cardamom, apricot, currants, almond and orange – very festive.

foraged old fashioned mac and wild cocktailsForaged Old Fashioned: Monkey Shoulder whisky, pine tincture and heather honey making for an ideal festive nightcap.

Islay Manhattan: Bruichladdich and Port charlotte whiskies with orange and ginger. Being from Islay it has a strong peaty aroma with flavours of smoke, citrus and heat from the whisky and ginger.

wild fizz mac and wild cocktailsWild Fizz: Blackwood’s vodka, peach liqueur, fino sherry, lemon verbena, nettle and celery so sweet and fruity with a herbal aftertaste.

All concoctions come in 50cl bottles with prices ranging from £25 – £35. A gift box set comprising 5cl bottles of four flavours is also available. They can be purchased online from the following locations:

Let us know what you think of them, they are on our to try list!


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