Hard Rock @ home Baby Back Ribs

Hard rock at home baby ribs meal

No need to leave home to experience HRC ribs

After the tastebuds tested success of Hard Rock @ Home BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, we also recently tried the Hard Rock @ Home Baby Back Ribs kit available from Plateaway. so that we could enjoy Hard Rock ribs in the comfort of our own home 😍

Like the Hard Rock @ Home BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger kit, the ribs are available for nationwide UK delivery thanks to its partnership with Plateaway.

The kit serves two or four and comes with all the delicious ingredients you need including the smoked ribs, sauce and seasoning, sides and detailed cooking instructions.

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The Hard Rock @Home (ribs) for 2 contains:
2 racks of smoked baby pork back ribs
Signature BBQ sauce
Hard Rock’s world-famous Love All seasoning
2 jacket potatoes
Detailed cooking instructions

Hard rock at home baby ribs meal

Everything arrived chilled, in pouches and clearly labelled.

Hard rock at home baby ribs meal

No expert cooking skills are required to obtain perfection here. Simply coat the ribs with BBQ sauce then cook them in the oven removing a couple of times to re-apply the sticky sauce before sprinkling on the seasoning. The jacket potatoes also go in the oven without any faffing required.

Hard rock at home baby ribs meal
Oh yeah! The cooked ribs were moist, tender and full of maillard flavour. Ribs + coleslaw + potatoes is also a lot of food so we were stuffed afterwards.
Hard rock at home baby ribs meal

Order online

Tasting just like ribs in a Hard Rock Cafe restaurant these Hard Rock @Home ribs are available to order now from Plateaway for £26 (feeds 2) or £52 (for feeding 4).



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Disclaimer: we received a complimentary box of ribs for 2 to show how easy it is to cook HRC quality food at home.

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