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Foodie Festival, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh – Aug 2010

Glorious day for lounging around a park, eating, drinking and watching the world go by.  So what better way to do it than visit the foodies festival too!

Packed full on this fine sunny Saturday we picked our way through the crowds to taste some morsels.

First up was Passorn, a Thai restaurant located in Brougham Place. We decided to sample –  Puan Kan – Bangkok cakes (
-Thai style marinated golden cake made with crab (£5 here but you get two cakes for £6.25 in the restaurant)

Plar Neur – Yum Saow Dod – Spicy Thai tenderloin beef salad, topped with lemon grass,mint, shallots, lime juice and fresh chillies

The service was polite however the food from the kitchen was slow.  There was also a lack of seating for people who were buying food and wishing to sit and eat.

Both were delicious meals and I would make the effort to go back (hoping that in real life their kitchen service is a lot quicker!)

Next up was Tex Mex II, which I had to look up online as there was no information about on where they were located! ( 64 Thistle Street for those interested!).  We purchased a plate of flautas – crab stuffed tortilla flutes for £3 and smoked paprika popcorn.  Both very nice.

Pudding was provided by Sizzling Scot, a raspberry cranachan and a white chocolate and blueberry cheesecake – both were delicious but again a lack of seating hindered the eating pleasure.

Oink, located in the Grassmarket were also represented.  A large queue caught our eye, as well as the big piggy.  We were served by a young boy (who did seriously look about 13!) who ignored our questioning of the size of the roll for a £4.50 roll n piggy.  After what appeared to be a struggle to take £4.50 away from a ten pound note, the change was slapped in our hand, dropped on the counter and he walked away.  We questioned what looked like his mother regarding the sixe of the roll as it did seem smaller compared to the roll she held and was told , yes that the price.  Moved away from the stall, and tried to enjoy our cold pork roll.  Certainly won’t be visiting Oink which is a pity as I do like roast piggy rolls.

Land and Sea chippy were here all the way from Polmont.  Two haddock spears and some mushy peas for £3.  The fish was fluffy, succulent and covered in light batter, delish.  Friendly service and quick too.  Best service at the festival

Apart from the poor service from some, the lack of adequate seating in order to eat your overpriced food (especially after forking out £10 for a ticket to get in!) it was a good day to see what is on offer.  However, save yourself the money next year and go to a farmers market instead.

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