Event: Royal Highland Show 2016

What makes a Supreme Champion cow???

I was as happy as this Minion!!

I loved my first visit to the Royal Highland Show! It was even bigger than I’d anticipated with so many things to see and so much to explore! Thankfully I was on a limited budget, otherwise I would have come home with half the contents of the craft tents!

Gin Bothy

We obviously spent a fair bit of time in the Food Hall, sampling all the delicious things on offer.

Strathaven Ales

Highlights were the Taste of Arran Caramalised Onion Cheddar, Strathaven Ales’ Craigmill Mild Black Ale & the Gin Bothy Chilli Gin!

I've knit with your wool!!

Being a keen knitter, I loved seeing all the different sheep. It was nice to put a sheep to the wool, so to speak; and the lambs were just too cute!

What makes a Supreme Champion cow???

I was sad we didn’t manage to find the Highland Cows but loved all the Shetland Ponies. We did see some Champion Cows which made me wonder how one judges a cow? What criteria makes a Supreme Champion??

You need kahonas to do this sport!

We caught some of the Grand Prix Showjumping and it looks even more impressive in person than on the telly. We also stumbled on one of the Wagon Shows, which I really enjoyed, who knew it was a thing!?!

Old skool lady racers..

Apologies to Eden Mill for not stopping by the Gin Garden to say hello, it was starting to pour with rain when we eventually found it, so had to take evasive action in favour of gin drinking.

This thing was amazing!!

The thing that absolutely topped my day was getting to sit in a John Deere tractor! Little known fact, I’ve always wanted to drive a tractor, still do. So getting to sit behind the controls and push all the buttons was part way to realising a dream!

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