Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas

10 stocking fillers idea christmas 2016

Looking for something different for a stocking filler this year?  Mr & Mrs Foodie have scoured the internet to pick some interesting things.


pocket sriracha1.Pocket Sriracha £5.73

With a Pocket Sriracha you can have chilli sauce with every meal from your very own pocket supply of sauce.


2. Lucky Cat Mug £10.98

Who can resist this lucky cat mug? Good luck and a cuppa all in one.


3. Glasgow Card £25

A gift for the foodie in your life who loves to go out.  You can use your card every time you visit your favorite places no need to print off deals or book within a certain time so you will save throughout the year

Get 50% off every time you dine at Amore, The Italian Caffe and Pizza Express, other great deals include the Shilling Brewing Co, The Raven, La Lanterna, China Buffet King and much more.


penguin drink coolers

4. Penguin Drink Coolers £6.99

No more diluted drinks.  These re-usable penguins look cute and provide a cooling service for your drinks.

Arran sense of scotland after the rain christmas gift

5.Arran After the Rain Rollerball £12.50

This is a favourite of Mrs Foodie and lots of Arran fans out there.  A handbag sized scent for out and about. A fresh blend of rose petals, musk and floral citrus.

scratch off travel map

6. Scratch Off Travel Map £6.99

Track your travels around the world with this scratch off travel map.

salted caramel vodka hotel chocolat

7.Salted Caramel Cocoa Vodka £4

Chocolate, salted caramel and vodka…what more could you want?

trust me you can dance print christmas

8. Trust Me You Can Dance Print £6

Do you love your gin bottle? Gin Lovers, Prosecco officionados, or cocktail mixers, this is the perfect gift for you.


lucky lid sid

9.Lucky Lid Sid £10

Let the steam out of your pot with this handy little fellow.

smoked diamonds shearer candles

10. Smoked Diamonds Candle £15

A mix of florals, sensual musks and sweet cocoa. A limited edition collection from Shearer Candles.

10 stocking fillers idea christmas 2016

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