Boxing Day Brunch – Air fryer cloud eggs and pigs in blankets


Pigs in blankets for brunch – the best bits of Christmas

One of the best bits of Christmas has got to be pigs in blankets. Some pigs in blankets and roasties and I think I would be quite happy :). If you have any pigs in blankets leftover from your Christmas dinner then have them for a lux Boxing Day brunch. We made these easily in an air fryer no need to keep watch on scrambling your eggs.


two eggs per person

leftover pigs in blankets

cheese – Parmesan or cheddar are both our faves for this.

1) Get your two eggs and two bowls.

Glasgow food blog Cloud Egg Recipe Instructions Step 1

2)Separate your egg whites from the yolk.  I used my crazy little egg separator man (Bogey Man Egg Separator)

glasgow food blog Cloud Egg Recipe Instructions Step 2
glasgow food blog Cloud Egg Recipe Instructions Step 3

3)  I placed the whites into a bigger bowl for ease of using the electric whisk.  Whisk the whites until they have reached a stiff peak consistency

4) At this point, you can fold in added ingredients such as herbs, ham or cheese.

Glasgow food blog Cloud Egg Recipe Instructions Step 5

5) Place the egg white mix onto a baking tray in small piles and bake in an air fryer for around 4 minutes. until they start to brown.  Make sure to create a space in the centre of the egg white for the yolk.

6) Remove the egg whites from the oven and add the yolk into the middle of each pile. If you want to, add more cheese.

7) Bake for around a further three/four minutes or until golden. Also re-heat your pigs in blankets in the air fryer at this time as well.




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