Bensons Pantry, In Shops, Forge, Parkhead

Sometimes stodge is required and this was a day for it.

Didn’t want to sit in the main mall surrounding by screaming kids so we retreated to the In Shops section and found Bensons Pantry.

£9.70 for two small macaroni and cheese and two cans of soft drinks.  Excellent value I think for a bit of a sit down and stodge 🙂  Cheese sauce was ok, could’ve been stronger but its cheap!  Chips were good too.  Place was popular and clean.  Quick and friendly service too.

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We have a wide range of judging experience covering products, hotels and have judged, for example, for Great Taste Awards and Scottish Baker of the Year.

Along the way Mark gained WSET Level 2 in Wine and I have WSET Level 2 in Spirits as well as picking up an award with The Scotsman Food and Drink Awards.    

Usually I can be found sleeping beside a cat.

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  1. Barry

    Hi, While watching the breakfast show today, there was an item on it that concerned me. I t was about tipping by customers. Now many people do it and I certainly do about three times a week a pound each time and I want to know like all customers that all tips are going to the lads and lassies that are doing all the work and not to some nobody sitting in an office at the back of the shop. When I give my pounds and others do as well they want all the money to go too the lads and lassies in the shops split evenly amongst them, so can you assure me that’s what happens and not a nobody who owns the shop, as these lads and lassies work hours for what they get and if customers like me and others can contribute we always will as we’re like that in the Scotland. Look forward to be hearing from you shortly. All the best Barryouttabox20022002@yahoo. co. uk

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