Barbican Conservatory

A hidden gem in the heart of the Barbican Centre

A wonderful green space to find some peace and reflection in the centre of London, the Conservatory is wrapped around the top of the Barbican theatre’s fly tower.

The Barbican Conservatory has an interesting collection of fish, terrapins and over 1,500 species of plants and trees.  The second-largest of its kind in London (covering 23,000 sq ft), it was opened in 1984 and many of the original plants were propagated at the West Ham Park Nursery.   The plant collection is very eclectic, from cacti and succulents in the Arid House to wonderful species of Weeping Figs, Kentia Palms, and Tree Ferns.   The variety is almost endless.

If you are a plant lover it is certainly worth a visit.  Either book an individual visit, or you can book a conservatory tour led by the resident gardeners.  Take the time to explore the hidden delights of the conservatory. The duration of the tour is 60 minutes.

The Conservatory also serves as a unique venue for events in London. It is available to hire all year round. 

The entrance is free.  Donations are gratefully received to help with the upkeep of the conservatory and to provide access to public spaces for everyone.


Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London

Visit for further information.

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